M25 Motorway

cost and time savings were key for the success of this project

ByrneLooby conducted a value engineering review of the proposed retaining wall solutions for the M25 upgrade identifying significant savings of both cost and time for our client in the process.

Under the M25 upgrade works, the motorway between junctions 16 and 23 will be widened to four lanes. This widening will involve extensive lengths of sheet piled retaining walls in chalk to form the boundary of widened motorway.

Our value review of the sheet piled retaining walls focussed on leveraging our extensive road expertise in assessing the nature of the chalk, the derived design parameters, design methodologies and pile installation techniques. In doing so, we were able to identify considerable savings of both time and cost which are equally critical due to the scale and construction programme of the contract.

Scope of Project

  • Value Engineering Review of the Retaining Wall Solutions to be used as part of the M25 upgrade.
  • The upgrade consists of widening a section of the motorway to four lanes with sheet piled retaining walls being used along the boundary. 
  • Based on our extensive review, we identified considerable savings of both cost and time.

Project Photos