Lusail Development

design of a passive ventilation system for the removal of odorous gas production is required for this projects success

Lusail Construction Package 4 (CP4) is one of the major highway and infrastructure projects within the Lusail area. The project comprises of Highways and Highway Underpass Structures, a multispan twin box overbridge at Marina Interchange and culvert structure at the Wadi.

ByrneLooby in conjunction with their JV local partners, ASCO, were engaged by Midmac-Yuksel to undertake the detailed design for the Storm Water Tunnels and Shafts for CP4. The tunnels are 2,320 m and 2,210 m of 2.4m and 3m internal diameters respectively. There are 14 new permanent shafts which are constructed to depths of 26m below ground level and the shafts have internal diameters of 7.5m.

As the project progresses, ByrneLooby will also undertake a study of odorous gas production and design a passive ventilation system for its removal. A sediment transportation study will be carried out and ByrneLooby will specify ancillary equipment required for the removal of sediments from the tunnel and shafts. 

Scope of Project

  • 5.2 Km of roads with 6 lanes including 4 underpasses and 1 bridge
  • Structural design of tunnels and shafts as well as design of shaft internal arrangements
  • Geotechnical interpretative report
  • Dewatering Assessments and Settlement Analysis of tunnels
  • Sedimentation study and HAZOP study to review all operational and maintenance requirements
  • Deep stormwater tunnel works deigned in compliance with Public Works Authority’s (Ashghal) standards and the Qatar Construction Specifications.

Project Photos