Kingscourt Water Supply Scheme

ensuring the development of sufficient groundwater sources was key to this project's success

The Kingscourt WSS will provide a new water treatment facility and distribution mains network to meet future daily demand in Kingscourt and its environs. ByrneLooby were commissioned by Cavan County Council to examine all water source options within and adjacent to the Kingscourt area to ensure quality and security of supply and to prepare a scheme for the most efficient and cost effective way of meeting the water demand requirements of the area.

ByrneLooby prepared a masterplan for the scheme and were responsible for all associated design and construction supervision.

Our role ensured the development of sufficient groundwater sources in the area, through a detailed desk study of geology in the region on which we were able to carry out an extensive trial well drilling programme.

The second phase involved the replacement and/or upgrade of approximately 8km of existing water mains which as part of the design process, we developed a calibrated hydraulic model of the distribution network to determine the performance of the existing and upgraded system.

The final phase of the scheme involved the installation of borewell pumps, the construction of a new 1650m3 per day capacity water treatment work, an 1,720m3  elevated storage reservoir to provide storage for treated water and new 300mm dia rising / collection main 8.5km long to transfer water from the bore wells to the new treatment works.

Scope of Project

  • Scheme involved the upgrade of the water infrastructure in Kingscourt and its environs to guarantee quality of service and supply for a growing population.
  • Provided services throughout all 3 contracts of the scheme which were for Well Drilling & Testing, Mains Replacement and Water Treatment Works, Storage Reservoir & Collection/Rising Main.
  • A comprehensive trial welling programme was undertaken involving the drilling of ten trial wells, five observation wells during which we carried out a six week multiple well pumping tests including sampling as well as the drilling and development of three production wells.
  • Significant features of the scheme included replacement/upgrading of 8km of existing cast iron and uPVC watermains, construction of a new water treatment facility, a new elevated storage reservoir with a capacity 1720m3 and a new 8.5km rising/collection main.