King Cross Lands

overcoming strict limits on the permissible foundations were essential for this project's success

ByrneLooby undertook the foundation and retaining wall design for Buildings J, R2 and R4 of the major King’s Cross Lands development.

Our designs for the three buildings took into account the close proximity of sensitive rail infrastructure including three masonry Network Rail Tunnels and the cast iron London Underground Piccadilly line tunnels running directly under the site.

With strict limits on the permissible foundations, we conducted FEA to look at the effects of a range of foundation solutions. We carried out preliminary pile tests which informed not just our designs but also the wider 50 building development and our efficient solution consisted of CFA and bored piles to form the foundation and contiguous piled walls for each of the buildings basements.

Scope of Project

  • Foundation and Retaining Wall Design for Buildings J, R2 and R4 of the Kings Cross Lands development.
  • The Kings Cross Lands project is the largest redevelopment in Europe and consists of 50 new buildings.
  • Strict limits were imposed on the permissible foundation solution owing to the close proximity of live rail infrastructure.
  • FEA was employed to analyse the effects of a range of potential foundation solutions.
  • An efficient CFA and bored pile foundation and contiguous piled retaining wall solution was developed for each of the buildings.

Project Photos