Kent Station


The construction of a new entrance to Kent Railway Station in Cork, one of Ireland’s busiest railway stations, is aimed at creating an enhanced link between the station and the city centre. It will also see the addition of an underpass corridor link between the new entrance and the existing building, with the underpass structure approximately 7 metres below ground level.

One of the challenges for this project was the difficult ground condition at the site and the need to undertake a deep excavation in an area with an extensive deposit of water bearing gravels. Cork is renowned for highly permeable gravels and the water table in the area is generally high.

ByrneLooby prepared the detailed design of specialist geotechnical solutions to facilitate the construction of the underpass. A secant pile wall was installed along each side of the excavation. We devised a grouting strategy to control ground water ingress into the excavation. The quality and validation proposals prepared by ByrneLooby were designed to allow the contractor to quickly gain confidence in the grouting solution as the works proceeded. The solution developed by ByrneLooby has provided a template for future deep excavations in the Cork city centre area.


Maurice, Principal Engineer

“Typical solutions for achieving groundwater cut-off involve the installation of deep cut-off retaining walls. The particular ground conditions here precluded such a solution and I was tasked with coming up with an alternative solution for Siac Construction. Through the sharing of in-house knowledge and experience I was able to develop an innovative grouting solution which satisfied the contractor and the overall client, Irish Rail.”

Project Photos