Saudi Arabia

Jubail Industrial City Irrigation Network

This project required the irrigation network design to meet strict requirements

ByrneLooby provided hydraulic modelling services and advice for a review of Jubail Industrial City’s irrigation network.

The primary and distribution lines of the city’s extensive irrigation infrastructure are 350km in length. Our aim was to ensure the hydraulic model to be used was fit for purpose and to assist in evaluating engineering designs.

ByrneLooby also ensured compliance with the Royal Commission Standards and ensured that the required improvements to the irrigation infrastructure were met with the model. 

Our recommendations were particularly important in our client’s engineering evaluation and provided confidence in the model solutions. This strengthened our clients’ report conclusions and recommendations while addressing the client’s primary goal to quantify the cumulative impacts and diversionary effects of the system.

Scope of Project

  • Provision of hydraulic modelling services and advice for the hydraulic analysis of Jubail Industrial City Irrigation Network model.
  • Review was undertaken to ensure the irrigation network design met requirements and also quantify impacts and effects of the system.  
  • Assessment of 350km primary and distribution main which focused on the key design criteria considered important for engineering purposes. 

Project Photos