Quay Wall

Future Generation


The Ministry of Works in Bahrain have been tasked with overseeing the development of the Future Generation in the Business Bay area on behalf of the Government. The project intends to provide hotel buildings, retail and food and beverage facilities over a planned phased construction. Further to this, infrastructure and utilities will be implemented and upgraded on the existing reclaimed plan.

ByrneLooby marine team were engaged by the lead consultant (MSCEB) to provide the design of the quay wall adjacent to the site which has previously been constructed as a temporary rock revetment as it had been incorporated into the silt trap arrangement during reclamation of the platform. The design need to therefore consider high levels of silt and settlement and advise on whether removal or treatment of the underlying silt was required and if it would affect the stability of the wall.

The ByrneLooby engineers undertook the design of the wall, settlement calculations, slope stability analysis and toe protection design. Furthermore, it is intended that this area be incorporated into the overall national strategy for water transportation, hence design of fenders, bollards and their associated loads was required. 

Key points:

  • High levels of silt
  • Quay wall design
  • Stability and settlement calculations
  • Berthing loads