Saudi Arabia

Eastern Petrochemical (Sharq) EG3 Facility

alleviating the effects of settlement issues was key for the success of this project

ByrneLooby investigated and identified the root cause of significant settlements of the foundations at this large petrochemical plant in Jubail and also provided remedial options for our client.

The facility which was built 15 years ago is located in a region where the geology is complex and buildings prone to settlement.

Working within the constraints of a facility which had to be operational 24/7, we carried out a targeted geotechnical investigation carefully exploring a range of potential causes before arriving at the most probable cause.  

We recommended a monitoring and mitigation programme for the client to alleviate the effects of settlement issues.

Scope of Project

  • Geotechnical Investigation to identify the root cause of significant settlement of the foundations at this live petrochemical plant.
  • Responsible for the targeted investigation which had to carefully balance consider a number of potential root causes of settlement.
  • Based on the geotechnical investigation, we were able to provide the client with solutions to monitor and mitigate the effects of settlement