Dublin North Fringe Water Services

a growing population requires an upgrade of the water supply network

ByrneLooby were involved from the beginning in the design of the water network required for the future of North Dublin. The North Fringe area supplies most of North Dublin and includes important strategic supply links to the city centre and Dublin airport. With a growing population, an upgrade of the water supply network was required to ensure adequate levels of service, drainage and sanitation for the region were maintained.

We prepared a Masterplan for the scheme and undertook all associated design work under a number of contracts.

Key designs which we completed included 32km of pipelines of which 4.5km ran through contaminated ground, a 30,000m3 concrete reservoir, a 5,000m3 water tower as well as over 3km of flood defence works.

Scope of Project

  • Design of the upgraded North Fringe WSS to serve increased future demand.
  • Involved at all stages in the development of the scheme including all civil, structural and hydraulic design requirements.
  • Constructed and calibrated a hydraulic model of the Dublin City and North Fringe water supply network to examine the levels of service and security of supply in the region.
  • Designed of 32km of pipelines (250mm to 800mm diameter) including 4.5km through contaminated land.
  • Design of a 30,000m3 reservoir and 5,000m3 water tower.
  • Design of flood defence works also through areas of contaminated ground consisting of 2.15km of earth mound and 0.9km of long concrete with granite stone facing walls.    

Project Photos