Dripsey Coachford WSS

determining the most economical system was essential for the success of this project

The ByrneLooby design for the new Dripsey-Coachford WSS transformed the drinking water supply infrastructure in these County Cork communities.

The aging local water infrastructure had fallen into disrepair. Low pressure was leading to inadequate supply and the poor condition of the water mains was resulting in high water losses through leakage. In addition, the existing local water supply sources were deficient in terms of capacity and water quality.

We took a whole lifecycle costs approach from the beginning resulting in the most economical scheme being provided for the scheme.

Our scheme decommissioned the local infrastructure at Dripsey and Coachford, and served the area from the existing Inniscarra WTW. Our network which was based on the detailed hydraulic model we developed incorporated the construction of a 6,250m long rising main to deliver water to a new 900m3 reservoir. All elements of the project were fully designed by Byrne Looby.

Our scheme supported our client’s water conservation policy by incorporating district metering for the 320 service connections thereby facilitating water usage and monitoring water losses.

Scope of Project

  • Consulting engineers for the design of all stages in the upgrade of the Dripsey-Coachford Water Supply Scheme including Health and Safety inputs.
  • The scheme upgraded the drinking water supply in the area through the delivery of drinking water from an existing WTW and included the design of all infrastructure to do so.
  • Infrastructure included a new 900m3 reservoir, new pumping facilities, a dedicated 6250m long rising main and over 12,000m of trunk and distribution mains.      
  • Examined whole lifecycle costs at design stage resulting in the most economical scheme being provided in areas of pumping capacity, rising main diameter, reservoir capacity and location.

Project Photos