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Deira Wharf


Dubai Municipality’s Dhow Wharfage project consists of the construction of comprehensive wharfage of 3km between Deira Corniche and Palm Deira, is in front of the old Hyatt Regency Hotel, just before the famous Shindaga Tunnel. Overseas AST Co LLC were the main contractor for the project, Byrne Looby acted as AST's specialist marine and geotechnical designers on the project.

The aim of the project was to construct additional integrated infrastructure to facilitate an increase in dhow trade through Dubai, which will make Dubai the economic centre of import and export activities in the region. The project consists of the construction of a comprehensive wharfage of 3km, between the Deira Corniche and Palm Deira, in front of Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The wharfage was divided into multiple loading/unloading areas, which will allow around 400 dhows of different sizes to berth at the same time. The project provides a loading/unloading area of 90,000m2, and will facilitate loading/unloading of cargo of more than 1.7 million tons a year.

The wharfage has been designed with a depth of 7m below the low water level and with all necessary anchorage elements.

The project included new quay structures and associated dredging and reclamation, including the supporting services and infrastructure such as entry and exit reporting wharves, administrative and control buildings, sailors’ facilities and refuelling wharf. The project works included providing all major services including internal roads, water, electricity, telecoms and sewage networks. Construction of the project required the excavation and dredging of in the order of 500,000m3 of sand from the seabed adjacent to the wharf site, which was re-used for the reclamation works of the wharfage.

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