Deephams Shaft

innovative techniques were required for this project's success

ByrneLooby designed an 24m deep shaft for this sewage treatment works. We worked with our client, Murphy International, to develop a solution for a secant pile shaft. Originally it was thought that diaphragm walling techniques would have to be used.

The design challenged traditional techniques as it pushed the limits of what would traditionally have been considered acceptable secant pile depths in the UK. The shaft is reputedly the  UK's deepest ever secant pile installation.

The design had considerable benefits for our client and the project. It reduced  temporary works costs by 20% (£1.2m) and saved 3 weeks on the original  construction programme.

Scope of Project

  • Design  of temporary 18.5m diameter secant piled shaft
  • 29m male piles with interlocking 25m female piles
  • Innovative concrete mix design; low strength while meeting chemical resistance requirements
  • Challenges included - incorporating pipework openings in shaft, maintaining verticality of piles, achieving high quality concrete finish
  • The construction sequence was designed to minimise temporary propping requirement
The project also received a Concrete society award - read more about the award.

Read more - Download a paper on the pumping station shaft or read an article on the project from NCE.

Project Photos