Milltown Malbay

Clare Coastal Protection

review of THE existing coastal protection measures and mapping recent and future coastal change WAS REQUIRED FOR THE SUCCESS OF THIS PROJECT

ByrneLooby were commissioned by Clare County Council, under the Clare Coastal Protection Framework, to prepare a feasibility study for coastal protection works at Milltown Malbay and its environs. One of the primary drivers behind this project was the severe storms which affected the area in 2014.

The feasibility study involved the undertaking of a review of existing coastal protection measures and mapping recent and future coastal change.

The assessment of risks associated with the existing defences and development of required future defence options was also undertaken as part of the preparation of a local coastal flood and erosion risk management plan.

One of the challenges faced during the feasibility study stage was to ensure potential defences would be robust and high enough to prevent damage from future severe weather events. To ensure optimum solutions, the feasibility study by ByrneLooby incorporated typographical surveys, bathometric surveys, hydraulic modelling, wave climber modelling and cost benefit analysis of various options. ByrneLooby performed the hydraulic and wave climate numerical modelling using our own in-house expertise and MIKE21 software.

Members of the ByrneLooby team met and liaised with local groups, members of the local community and Clare County Council, as well as implementing surveys of all areas involved in order to accommodate local expectations as well as client requirements.



“Working on the Milltown Malbay Coastal Protection Scheme gave me excellent experience of all the different aspects to be considered on such a sensitive project (such as environmental protection, protected buildings and hydraulic processes). It was fascinating to see how all the elements came together to determine the best solution.”

Katherine Howett, Project Engineer


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