Belfast City Airport

this project had environmental aspects to consider for successful completion

After managing the ground investigation, we designed the sub-grade improvements which accommodated the use of Airbus 321s by a new carrier at Belfast City Airport.

The new planes posed a heavier loading on the aircraft apron and stands which required an investigation to determine whether the existing strata was sufficiently robust to support the extra weight. A challenging aspect of the site was the near surface, large diameter pumping main which traverses the aircraft stand with a cover of less than 1800mm.

Aware that any damage to this line would have serious environmental consequences and also critical ramifications on the operation of the airport, following a FEA of the existing loading regime compared to the proposed, we designed cost effective subgrade improvement works which ensured the pavement could support the extra loadings of the larger planes.

Scope of Project

  • Design of practical and cost effective sub-grade improvement works which allowed the use of heavier aircraft by a new operator at the airport.
  • Presence of a sensitive near surface underground main under the aircraft apron which needed to be protected.  
  • Scoped and managed the site investigation to assess the competency of the strata to support the new loading regime.

Project Photos