Underground Railway

Bank Station


Bank Underground Station is one of the largest underground railway complexes in the world and is used by 90,000 passengers every day. The upgrade project will amalgamate Monument and Bank stations and create 570m of new running tunnels, a new entrance, three ticket halls, six lifts, 10 platforms and two 94m moving walkways.

The role of ByrneLooby was to undertake the Category 3 Independent Design Check of the civil and structural design work for the area of the development known as the Whole Block Site and Arthur Street Shaft. The project was complex as it involved both structural engineering combined with complicated geotechnical engineering and the interaction between them. The ByrneLooby geotechnical structural teams have been able to collaborate closely and effectively with one another in order to provide an optimal service for the project. The project requires a deep excavation in the heart of London at approximately 30 metres below ground which requires careful consideration of the soil-structure interaction given the proximity of adjacent existing buildings. The project employs a mixture of top-down and bottom–up construction techniques as well as temporary propping of slabs with a large steelwork truss, all of which had to be considered in the analysis.

A high priority and concern for the client was the necessity to meet tight programme constraints. A combination of increasing resources on the project and using the analysis model in an efficient manner to allow work on multiple areas concurrently have provided ByrneLooby with the tools necessary to address the client’s requirements.



“Working on Bank Station has demonstrated the ability of ByrneLooby to provide high quality structural and geotechnical engineering design services in one package.  It has also restated the fact that careful use of a well thought out FE analysis model can prove invaluable.  I have recently joined the ByrneLooby structural team and I have found it immensely helpful to have geotechnical design expertise so close to hand to be able to discuss design issues and scenarios.  The project has definitely benefited from this collaboration.”

Matt, Associate Structural Engineer


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