Mater Box, Dublin

cut and cover techniques were essential for this project's success

ByrneLooby were the designers for the €30m Mater Station Box which will form a central part of the future Metro North rail line. 

The Mater Station box will be partially located under the new Mater Adult Hospital and the underground stop will be one of 14 envisaged stations along the 16.5km Metro North line.

We worked closely with our client from the tender stage providing consultancy services covering design methodology, environmental management, monitoring and detailed design.

The box will be constructed using cut and cover techniques and has been designed to allow a TBM to transit through it at a later date. The structure incorporates a 1.5m wide diaphragm wall and 1.5m base slab with tension piles underneath to prevent uplift.  

Scope of Project

  • Designers of the Mater Station box which forms part of the proposed Metro North line.
  • Involved at tender, design and construction phases in the provision of this cut and cover box partially under the new Mater Adult Hospital.
  • Role included extensive consultancy services regarding design methodology, environmental management, monitoring and detailed design. 
  • Although the full Metro North project has been postponed, the construction of the diaphragm wall at the Mater Hospital has been sanctioned. 

Project Photos