10 Trinity Square

This project required strict movement limits for success completion

ByrneLooby designed the underpinning solution which enabled the excavation of the internal courtyard during the upgrade of this Grade II listed London landmark.

This historic 7 star hotel features an internal courtyard which during the works was excavated to a depth of 5.5m meters to provide a new basement.

Taking into account the strict movement limits owing to the Grade II listed status of the building and confined working environment as the courtyard is sealed off from external access, we worked in close collaboration with our client to develop a solution which used a contiguous minipiled wall supported by a single inclined micropile installed through the existing building foundations to support the existing structure.

We were involved at all stages of the underpinning works providing responsive support once construction began. 

Scope of project

  • Design of the underpinning works to enable the excavation of the internal courtyard of this Grade 2 listed building.
  • Involved the excavation of the courtyard to 5.5m to provide a single level basement. 
  • Satisfied tight movement criteria (5mm) owing to the underpinning of a Grade 2 listed structure.
  • The courtyard was sealed off from external access requiring special consideration in design of the underpinning. 
  • Involved from the tender stage and provided ongoing support on commencement of construction.

Project Photos