About Us

ByrneLooby is a multi-award winning international firm of designers and project managers. Our teams of highly skilled professionals provide industry leading solutions for complex construction projects across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We have expertise across the fields of geotechnical, civil, structural, water, energy and marine engineering and we work collaboratively with our clients, applying this expertise, to achieve optimum outcomes.

Our teams are led by international subject matter experts who operate at the pinnacle of their chosen discipline, many having made important contributions in their fields of expertise. We develop smart solutions that optimise efficiency and buildability and our approach is always evolving to reflect changing industry best practice. Often we go beyond industry best practice to develop creative ideas and innovative solutions for projects that present unique challenges.

Technical Excellence, in everything we do, forms the first of three pillars on which our differentiated service offering rests. This pillar supports our promise to apply the very highest standards in design, project management and stakeholder collaboration to realise superb project solutions.

At ByrneLooby we understand that design and project management are vehicles to create real and lasting value for our clients. We focus on understanding what value creation means to each and every client and we align all our efforts to this end. While we always seek to optimise the primary construction drivers of cost, quality and program we look beyond these to understand the benefits our clients are seeking when undertaking these large and complex projects. Our priority then becomes ensuring we make our contribution to ensuring our clients realise their vision, through our focused service offering.

Commitment to Clients forms the second pillar of the ByrneLooby promise and signals our unwavering commitment to assist our clients achieve their desired results.

The organisational culture in ByrneLooby revolves around achievement and enjoyment. We employ highly talented and skilled individuals and we provide a motivating and rewarding environment in which they can excel. Our people are always encouraged to reach their maximum potential and to express their abilities through their projects. We are a learning based organisation and we achieve this through knowledge sharing, mentoring and continuous professional development. We believe in the premise that everyone should really enjoy their work and that this work must fit within a greater life experience. We are therefore committed to ensuring our staff achieve this important work-life-balance and we invest significant time and resources to this end.

Investing In Our People forms the third and final pillar of the ByrneLooby promise and demonstrates our intention that everyone has a positive and enriching experience in their tenure.