Corporate Social Responsibility

Give a gift that counts Appeal

ByrneLooby Dublin, for the second year in a row, donated to the ‘Give A Gift That Counts/Package From Home' appeal for the homeless of Dublin. This charitable endeavour is organised by Rachael Manning (who is the sister of our very own Stephen Manning). The aim of the appeal is to collect basic supplies and deliver them to shelters for the homeless.


On Friday 28th October ByrneLooby Dublin had their annual Halloween lunch in aid of The Musical Youth Foundation. Staff took part in a pumpkin carving competition and enjoyed a Chinese buffet with loads of 'trick and treats' provided. All funds raised on the day were matched by ByrneLooby and donated to The Musical Youth Youth Foundation which provides free music lessons for youths in deprived areas.


On Thursday 15th September ByrneLooby Dublin had their annual coffee morning in aid of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Harold’s Cross & Blackrock. Tea and coffee was provided and staff brought in treats to share with their colleagues. All funds raised on the day were matched by ByrneLooby and donated to Our Lady’s Hospice.


The ByrneLooby sponsored Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Ireland annual conference was held on Monday 29th February. The conference was held as part of Engineers Ireland’s Engineers Week and took place at Engineer’s Ireland’s headquarters in Clyde Road, Dublin.

The conference was opened by Derek Daly, ByrneLooby QHSE & Tendering Manager. Derek gave a brief outline of ByrneLooby’s capabilities and strengths as international consulting engineers.

The key note speaker, Martijn Schildkamp, is the Founder & Executive Director of Smart Shelters. Martijn and his organisation specialise in building with alternative materials and methods, particularly low-tech earthquake resistant principles. Martijn spoke about his experiences in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Indonesia and many others and gave his views on current challenges within the Aid industry and development community.

The second speaker of the evening was Dominic McSorley. Dominic is the CEO of Concern-Worldwide and is a renowned humanitarian. He spoke about lessons learned from Haiti 5 years on. After 30 years of experience with Concern Worldwide Dominic helped lead Concern’s responses to the world’s most devastating humanitarian emergencies and crises in countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti. Dominic gave some fascinating insights into the challenges faced in disaster zones.

Finally, Tom Oldfield, Director of SORBAS spoke about his work as a humanitarian professional managing a refugee camp for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and in response to cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. Tom is currently researching the environmental impact of recovering nutrients from agri-food resources.

Declan Alcock, EWB Director closed the night by thanking ByrneLooby for their continued invaluable support on behalf of all EWB committee members and volunteers.

ByrneLooby were delighted to support the event and look forward to continuing the relationship with EWB.

Lust for Life 5k Runway Run - Cork

The ByrneLooby Cork office supported the recent Lust for Life 5k Runway Run at Cork Airport. The event attracted 1,700 entries and was  held in perfect running conditions on the runway at midnight on Saturday  21st November. Pauline McAree and Kieran Thornton represented ByrneLooby at this unique event, with donations going to two very deserving charities – Cork Mental Health Foundation and Cork City Hospital Children’s Club.

The SSE Tour of Ulster Cycle 

ByrneLooby Belfast are delighted to announced they are jersey sponsors for SSE Ireland Charity Cycle Challenge, September 2015.

The Tour of Ulster Cycle consists of a 3 day cycle challenge covering circa 300km. The plan is to raise over €20,000 for three well known charities namely Irish Cancer Society, Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Marie Curie Foundation.

The route will navigate through the operational fleet of wind farms in Ulster. The cycle will start in Gartnaneane Wind Farm in the south and will finish at Slieve Kirk Wind Park in the north. Currently there are 30 cyclists signed up for this challenge and each cyclist will be kitted out in a branded team jersey featuring the ByrneLooby logo for the 3 day route. ByrneLooby are proud to be partnering with SSE for such worthy causes.

For more details click here

Gorgeous Georgia 

On 25th November 2014 Georgia was born to a local family in the community. After two weeks she required an operation to open her eyes. After the operation it was discovered she was blind and no corrective surgery will ever give her the ability to see. Her older brother (2 years of age) suffers from childhood arthritis which could lead to future blindness. As result his disease is monitored every three months.

The parents were advised to build a sensory room in their home. The doctors recommend this facility as when children are motivated to explore their environment they often push themselves beyond their normal limits.

Aisling and Mickey (parents) are fundraising to build this facility not only for their children to benefit but for all children in the community to have access and take advantage of this much need but hard to come by resource. They will open this room to all children in the area suffering from sight loss, physically limitations or who are highly distractible. This resource will be available to the area free of charge. This is a non-profit organisation.

The simple pleasures and joys that children experience running, playing and enjoying a sunny day are sometimes not available for children with special needs. Due to limitations, they don’t experience or are unable to interact with their surroundings, limiting their sensory experiences. Multi-sensory stimulation is as necessary for survival as food and water.

ByrneLooby are delighted to contribute €2,500 towards this worthwhile cause. ByrneLooby's Sarah Bonner (Office Administrator) is the group's liaise officer on this project.

Part of ByrneLooby's CSR programme for 2015.

Engineers Without Borders 

EWB aim to launch a Knowledge Network in collaboration with Engineers Ireland where suitably qualified engineers can give technical advice to Development Organisations working in the field. The Irish branch is relatively new and is currently working hard to expand the levels of involvement and awareness among the Engineering community in Ireland. As such, it is a great opportunity for ByrneLooby to become involved at an early stage of the organisations growth. It goes without saying that the financial assistance provided would make an incredible difference to EWB’s ability to help those in developing countries.

Both EWB and ByrneLooby can benefit enormously from collaboration. ByrneLooby has a wealth of experience in Geotechnical and Water Engineering, areas of vital importance to developing nations. EWB would be delighted to make use of our knowledge base. Also, association with EWB is a great opportunity to highlight ByrneLooby’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

EWB is currently affiliated with Engineers Ireland, Irish Aid, Concern Worldwide and many more. Stephen Downs (Graduate Engineer at ByrneLooby) is currently the Secretary of the EWB National Committee so he is ideally placed to help ByrneLooby contribute to this organisation.

ByrneLooby are delighted to contribute €2,500 towards this organisation and we look forward to our staff supporting Stephen in upcoming activities.

Part of ByrneLooby's CSR programme for 2015.